Real Live Action Escape the Room Game in Worcester, MA

Escape Games Worcester is a real live action escape the room game that offers a fully interactive experience.

What Is An Escape Game?

You and your teammates are locked in a room with a mystery that needs to be solved before your time is up. Each of our games has a unique and suspenseful storyline, which will be revealed as you explore the room and search for clues. All clues, puzzles and riddles will ultimately lead you to the final mystery, which will hold the key that will allow you to escape…. Or will it?

Can you work together to solve the mystery and escape the room?

Escape one of our five rooms…


You have found your way into the house of a young starlet and are looking to discover what has caused her mysterious death. As you are sneaking your way through her room you learn all that glitters is not gold.


Long ago a clandestine organization used this beautiful art museum as its meeting place. What nefarious deeds were they planning? What clues have been hidden for us to find centuries later?


Coming soon…

Crime Scene

You find yourself working a typical crime scene where a young college student has been murdered. But something doesn’t feel right about this case, it just seems too simple. What secrets lie within this seemingly innocent student’s apartment?

The Experiment

Coming soon…

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