It’s present day, but it is not the present day you know. Imagine history changed; shattered. Imagine the Cold War, gone horribly, horribly wrong. The year was 1977 when the Soviets attacked. The Nuclear Winter that followed was long, grueling, and terrifying. Strangely enough, there were a number of individuals who could sense the impending catastrophe. One such individual, was Oliver Smith. A young man corrupted too soon by the horrors of war. After being held prisoner for many years, Oliver returned to the United States a changed man. The knowledge he gained and the horrors he witnessed sent him over the edge. Upon returning, Oliver dedicated himself to building a shelter. One that would survive the nuclear fallout he was determined would soon happen. His family withdrew and one day, simply vanished. Oliver barely noticed. And then, the bombs fell. Decades have since passed, and the US has slowly recovered from the devastating blow. No one knows what happened to Oliver Smith. But his shelter still stands. Untouched. A monument, or perhaps a tomb.

Room Capacity: 6